How small businesses can attract and retain their staff

PUBLISHED ON Dec 14, 2023 By


With Australia’s borders closures preventing the arrival of technical and skilled workers from overseas into the country, businesses are now having to battle for available resources and things are about to get tougher for small businesses. Roslyn Newbound, the founder and chief executive officer of Accuratus, shares how small businesses can differentiate themselves in the talent market.

Many skilled workers are now able to name their price as the employment market heats up. Small businesses, already impacted by lockdowns, are finding it hard to compete against larger firms with bigger budgets.

For local employees, the flexibility of working from home since the beginning of the pandemic has created a resistance to return to pre-Covid-19 work arrangements. Traveling to and from work, paying exorbitant parking fees, and quite simply not being able to balance home and work to meet the growing demands of a busy life is not an attractive option when there are now alternatives available. Businesses, irrespective of size, are losing staff and critical business knowledge at the same time.